Stage 1 - Ferry Flight Prep

Stage 2 - Exterior Prep and Paint

Stage 3 - Fuselage Interior

Stage 4 - Moving Forward

Stage 5 - Flights


The Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon was one of the lesser known bombers of WWII. It's onboard radar and extremely long range enabled it to act as forward reconnaissance as well as escort for other bombers such as the B-24. They mainly saw military service out of the Aleutian Islands flying against Japanese forces in the northern Pacific.


To view some videos you can follow the links below:

"Attu Warrior" - Memorial Day weekend 2009 (Short version)

"Attu Warrior" - Memorial Day weekend 2009 (Full version)


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This picture was taken by gary lewis back in July 1977 when the pv-2 was flying out of Wheeless Airport, Dothan, AL.